Moving On Up

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I have recently moved my web work over to Gap Creek Media, a startup in the making at the time of this blog post. In June of 2016 I began offering managed web presence services as a freelancer and since then there has been a steady influx of new clients that see opportunity in our approach to web presence management. Moving over to a company that will soon have a brick-and-mortar location and corporate status is essential to sustaining a growing number of clients by bringing in writers and other web professionals. If you are would like to learn more about the services we offer, please feel free to drop in at

From this point going forward, this website will be my personal soapbox to endlessly expound upon all things Nerd. I may get in a little blurb about Star Trek or why I think Stephen Hawking has no clue. The point is that this site will now be devoid of any real point and in place of relevant information, I will be publishing what amounts to babbling about everything that makes people glaze over when they hear it.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out my new and not really improved website. Don’t forget to subscribe. If you cant find the subscription form, it may be because I haven’t gotten around to placing one yet. Have a great morning, day, afternoon, or night. God bless 🙂