Master Your Business's Web Presence


From small businesses to self-employed professionals and startups, I cover what you need to get your WordPress website up and going. This is the most recommended CMS for businesses, and I'll show you why. I cover topics like using your WordPress website for Content Marketing, E-commerce integration, SEO, Plugins, Themes, Testing, and cover general news announcements from the WordPress community. Everything you need to maintain a business website using WordPress.


Online security is a serious topic. Your hard earned dollars and even your identity are at risk every time you add your information to yet another service or database somewhere on the web. Furthermore, when you own a business, chances are that your customers also count on you for online security. In my blog posts about Security, I make recommendations for what services to use and how to secure them. Learn what the risks are and how to mitigate those risk for you and your clients.

The Do-IT-Yourselfer

I remember when I didn't know squat about a computer. That was 1994, before building my first PC. Now I share just about everything you need to know about how to use your devices and the internet to help manage your business. That's right, technology can actually serve a purpose, not just make you want to rip off your own face. From securing your email to getting your business online. I am using my experience and growing pains to help you avoid some pitfalls and challenges, and to make your day go just a little easier. I mean, what's better than free tech support?

The Code Monkey

This is where you'll find handy little snippets of code to help you with your projects or maybe just for fun. All the code I post here is free to use, under some sort of free licensing, MIT, Creative Commons or similar. Javascript stuff is generally hosted on JSFiddle while more complex stuff that involves PHP is generally hosted on GitHub. This is my way of giving back until I'm filthy rich and have all my time to actually contribute something large and meaningful to the open source and free software projects out there on the web.

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