Richard Kent Gates

Two Decades Of Experiance

I have been working on computers since 1994, when I built my first computer. My first computer didn't even have a case, just circuit boards, harddrives and a CD ROM laid out on the table with cables and wires going everywhere. Back then, a gigabyte of storage was a several thousand dollar investment, not for the hard drives but for the size of computer it would take to handle that many hard drives.

In 2005, I became a father and my computer skills and even certifications were not enough to get me out of the kitchens I had worked in since I was 13. So, with that realization, I took the next logical step. 6 years later I began building websites for local businesses and years after choosing this field I have helped small businesses throughout our area to grow and compete with big-box brands, accross a veriety of industries. This is what I do.

Gap Creek Media

I work with Amanda Angell, the owner of Gap Creek Media, to foster a productive web presence and provide long-term technical management for all of our clients.

Beach Bum Report

The Beach Bum Report is a project that is near to my heart. Being a local and having the skills to promote this area while making money at it is a blessing.