In My Thirties

I started this website years ago when I began my career as a freelance web developer. Soon after, I realized I needed to cultivate a brand to work under, which you will learn about if you spend any amount of time on this site. After moving my work under Gap Creek Media, this website existed incomplete for years while I worked to build a client base that would solidify my place in the Web Presence Management industry.

In My Forties

Now that I am established and not accepting new clients, I am taking time to share my experience with small business owners, self-employed professionals, and startups. Over the last decade, I have acquired a wide range of skills that give me insight that is especially useful for small businesses on the web. From building websites to be 100% SEO friendly, to managing WordPress websites, to complete Web Presence Management.

Me 🙂

Integrity Matters

There are a lot of "Web Designers" and "SEO Experts" on the web but most of them are hacks, know-nothings, liars, and cheaters. I know that sounds like I'm just being sours but I assure you, I'm not. This is what I have come to learn about my counterparts in this industry after taking on clients that were previously being taken for a ride by some of these types. This is the number one reason that our practices with our clients all start with the understanding that they own and control all of their online assets. We get paid to manage them. You will find more information about not being victimized by internet vultures in my blog posts.

Experience Matters

I am a full-stack web developer. That means I work on everything from setting up a server to building and publishing a website. I work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. WordPress is the only CMS I use, though I love experimenting with other CMSs to make sure I'm not missing out on cool new tech toys and tools 🙂

I built my first PC 23 years ago, wrote my first small program 19 years ago, and set up my first LAMP server over a decade ago. I am still learning and growing, right along with the web. Keeping track of blogs like Google Webmaster, Google Security, Search Engine Land, the WordFence blogTechCrunch,  and continual learning, accompanied by experimentation helps me keep my clients in the know and gives me something to share with other motivated professionals on the web.

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